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Aug 30

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Aug 29

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Turkish multimedia artist Erdal Inci experiments with cloned motion in video to create awesomely hypnotic looping videos and gifs of himself moving through public spaces, sometimes carrying lights or other objects. Depending on the exposure, Inci sometimes appears to be no more than a shadow or isn’t visible at all, making his videos even more mysterious and dreamlike.

He states: “I realized that if you clone a recorded performance contiguously it will become perpetual. So that you can see all the time phases of the same performance in a small amount of time like 1 or 2 seconds. This gives you the chance of thinking like a choreographer with a mass crew or painter who fills its frame not in forms and colour but motion. At this point I could tell I am inspired by patterns in traditional arts & crafts , dance and repetition. Motion, performance and real environments are the outlines of the work.”

Check out more of Erdal Inci’s mesmerizing video art (and at much higher resolution) over on Vimeo, Facebook or Instagram.

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Aug 25

Aug 22


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Aug 21
Poor me

Poor me

Just waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting

Just waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting

Masters degree done (at Centro De Bellas Artes)

Masters degree done (at Centro De Bellas Artes)

Aug 19




these are beautiful <3

Aug 18

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Aug 17

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